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Our Story


I started AUM Retreats to connect people to the goodness in our lives that we so often miss as we go about our busy lives. To pause and learn and lead us to a journey that will make a difference to us in every positive way. I was joined in this journey with my amazing soul sisters from Nourished Yoga and  Sofia Women's Circle to create a holistic offering for wellbeing and clarity, encompassed in a cocoon of care, pampering and graciousness.

In today’s fast paced life, an important part is the restoration of our physical and mental state. This restoration is essential, even critical to our wellbeing. Our retreats aim to engage you in reflective and stimulating activities to enhance your restorative outcomes. To promote a safe haven to energise, foster a sense of community and bonding and to realise that we need to be supportive of each other, leading to a better understanding of our life, and our lives in the universe.

Be it personal or professional, our quest to better ourselves, gently and soothingly should be an important part of our being.  AUM Retreats provides our guests with opportunities to recharge their body, mind, and spirit with positive energy and reconnect with themselves, taking home new found learning to be used for wellbeing and a holistic happy space.



Our Community


Our community is made of our family, friends, neighbours and the environment around us. It is the community that gives us a sense of belonging, our identity. To me it is a critical part of our being and we have a moral duty to give back to our community any chance we can. This page is my little step to connect with those who are in our communities and any support is highly appreciated. They are entrepreneurs, artists, philanthropists, all with the single motivation to make the world a better place.

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