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A little bit of Calm to soothe my Soul

It's another lockdown and an extended one with no sight to it finishing up soon. And that comes with challenges and hurdles to jump over without grazing your knees. Initially it means just bunker down, cook, eat, walk, watch, read and work. But as the days go into days these activities become less of a respite and more of a routine. Mindfullness becomes mindlessness. How easy to let pessimism and negativity creep in especially with the tsunami of Covid 19 news from all over the globe, the tragedies, the vaccines, the uncertainties. At such times to keep the faith I look over my shoulder and reflect on all the beautiful moments that have happened to me and feel gratitude for all of that and for all that I continue to have today, now, at this moment. I am lucky that I live in a beautiful part of the world that has the most stunning landscapes right at my door step. And I thank my lucky stars that I can wander around without breaking any lockdown restrictions. And that I can treat myself to that perfect almond croissant from my local bakery every other morning, just because I feel like.

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