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Aum Retreats is all about rest, receive and renew. A chance to make time for yourself, bring back the joy of life, to gain clarity. It is the opportunity to seek out meaningful experiences, through exploration, relaxation, self-improvement and a huge dollop of fun. We love what we do and want to share it with you.



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Wellness Retreats

Join us for a soothing, illuminating, revitalising experience. Leave behind the busy lives to refresh, engage and reset. Embrace new lifestyle habits and integrate the AUM Retreats philosophy in your everyday life.

Our retreats are inspired by ancient wisdom of yoga, women's circle and ayurveda and incorporate a space to find peace of mind, wellness and joy.

Our retreat is a holistic holiday filled with wellness and wonderment just for you

A safe space to rest, receive and renew 

To learn, engage and gain positivity

A time to reconnect, bring back the joy of life and gain clarity to make meaningful decisions on life

Nourish you in mind, body and spirit



I loved the venue, it was sublime and instantly relaxed me. The sessions were seamless, flowing gently from each activity and the mix of yoga, circle and creative activity was spot on. Loved the Indian thali meal and all the delicious treats too. Left feeling rested and rejuvenated.


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A much needed respite from the stress of this year. Had no expectations and was blown away with the attention to detail in everything. The gift bags, the food, the care and individual attention was outstanding. Loved it all. A bit emotional at the end but in a good way.

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I was really looking forward to this retreat. Needed to get away for sure. The location, the day, the sessions and the hosts get top marks from me. I was pampered and looked after and I came away feeling relaxed. Highly recommend to all.


The day was just so special.I loved the setting and the attention to detail. Though I was nervous about meeting new people, everyone was so nice and we all had a great time together. A huge thank you as we had a really great day.

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